Partnership in Life and Work
The meaning of 1Cor.12-13 in the context of Union in God's Plan....More
Love’s Kindness, Love’s Negatives, and Love’s Supremacy
All heaven is wrapped up in love....More
Response to "Behold the Church! But Let It Be the Church, Not Individualism!"
God's plan for His Church includes a 'Lampstand' that cannot be hidden....More
Christ IN You, the Hope of GLORY
The fact that Jesus lives inside of you changes everything. Represent Him well. You are not just a mere human any longer; you are the Temple of the Lord! ...More
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In the Together-Life of those who seek first His Kingdom, love-notes between saints are a daily thing. Above are just a few of some spontaneous and practical seeds of hope and life that were passed along in the form of Jesus-centered Text Messages. Sneak a peek and share the joy.

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