To Boldly Go... OR Stay Put
The WILLINGNESS to do anything at all to be better Positioned in Him, in this present age, to serve and please Jesus, wherever you are... THAT is key!...More
Islam is More Attractive to Humans than "Cultural Christianity"
But Real Christianity is a different story entirely! ...More
The Story of the Two Snowmen
Be abandoned to Christ doing His work in your heart....More
Winston Churchill's Version of Heb. 3:12-14
A parable to demonstrate that if there is sufficient conviction, courage, wisdom and love in our relationships, tragedies can be prevented....More
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In the Together-Life of those who seek first His Kingdom, love-notes between saints are a daily thing. Above are just a few of some spontaneous and practical seeds of hope and life that were passed along in the form of Jesus-centered Text Messages. Sneak a peek and share the joy.

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