Coveting and Jealousy
Coveting and jealousy are obviously normal human behavior for Darwin’s once-born species, but not to be for Jesus’ offspring!...More
Top 10 C.S. Lewis Quotes
Some random thoughts from C.S. Lewis....More
Can we let God be God in the midst of pain or failure? We need to do our best to obey Him. ...More
I Have Committed My Cause
For any man or woman or God, if you have really been true to HIM and His Words, you have felt this (though whining for selfish reasons is far from the same)....More
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In the Together-Life of those who seek first His Kingdom, love-notes between saints are a daily thing. Above are just a few of some spontaneous and practical seeds of hope and life that were passed along in the form of Jesus-centered Text Messages. Sneak a peek and share the joy.

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