A Prayer For the Children (excerpt from tape "Who Put Jesus on the Cross")
Our cry is for the children and unbelievers to see the splendor of Jesus!...More
Quote from Triumphant Faith
The Holy Spirit is able to join with faith and the Promise, and birth offspring....More
Holding on to Truth
Take the time and effort to hold on to God's Word each time you hear it. Hear, retain and persevere....More
Why Is Being "Fearful" Sin?
It is clear that fearfulness and unbelief are, in God’s eyes, deserving of the same punishment as the vile, the murderers, sexually immoral, magicians, idolaters, and liars. ...More
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In the Together-Life of those who seek first His Kingdom, love-notes between saints are a daily thing. Above are just a few of some spontaneous and practical seeds of hope and life that were passed along in the form of Jesus-centered Text Messages. Sneak a peek and share the joy.

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