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A Kingdom! Of Life and Intimacy, of Vulnerability and Love

... not "Christians" per se


A Kingdom! Of Life and Intimacy, of Vulnerability and Love—not “Christians” per se.

“Never officially does the Bible refer to His People as ‘Christians.’ Christianity was never a term given to us by Jesus Christ or the apostles. The term ‘Christian’ was never to be a title or label that we wore, but a lifestyle that we live, demonstrating ‘Christ-likeness.” In essence, ‘Christian’ was supposed to be a description of the culture of the Kingdom being exhibited through our lives. This is why the first Believers were called ‘Christians’ by the early observers of their lifestyle, their power, their boldness and their Christ-like authority. We should stop trying so hard to live like ‘Christians’ and all of the false assumptions associated with that term, and instead focus more on living like sons and daughters of God, brothers and sisters of Christ, and citizens of the Kingdom of heaven. The Lord never originated or advanced the idea that those who have given their lives to Him as Messiah and King of Kings be referred to as ‘Christians.’ While the term is not bad in itself, it did not originate with Jesus or the apostles, but pagans, and now the term ‘Christian’ has come to refer merely to an individual who adheres to, or sympathizes with, ‘the Christian faith.’

“The name ‘Christian’ was originally a derogatory label given by pagans to followers of Christ. [The word ‘Christian’ was not ever spoken or used until a decade after Pentecost, in a far away country from Jerusalem, Acts 11:26]. Of course, Believers through the centuries have generally accepted the term, regardless of its origin or use. The term ‘Christian’ [χριστιανους, χριστιανον, Χριστιανός] only occurs three times in the Scriptures. [This is QUITE odd, one must say, when an entire culture and religion uses this word ‘Christian’ so liberally—and almost exclusively—to describe themselves, what they are doing, and what they are ‘members of’’.]

“God’s Purpose was to establish relationship, not religion. As stated, earlier, religion is man’s search for God, and the Kingdom he lost. The original plan and purpose of God was to have a family of sons that He could relate to as a father to his children. A careful review of the principle set forth in Holy Scripture, which is the constitution of the Kingdom, will reveal this constant desire for personal and intimate relationship and fellowship that God desires with all mankind. All of His actions throughout history were extensions of Himself to us, as He desired to tabernacle or dwell with man. His ultimate goal was always to restore His original place with mankind. He wants sons, not servants or subjects; He wants citizens, not Christians; and He wants relationships, not religion.”

—Monroe, 2004

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