From a Bad Dream


In the dream, I was the one waiting at the table, and then being glared at when I asked; I felt the profound pain and rejection in my heart. In prayer and in pain I then realized... too easily we make Jesus feel this hurt, multiplied times ten thousand.

Subject: From a bad dream:

Being enamored with, or busy with, or consumed by a sport or business, or sentimental relationship, or entertainment, or yourself/dreams/desires—is like being at Dinner with Jesus, and then sneaking off to another room (whether pre-planned or an “accidental” encounter) to have a long conversation with “an old friend.” After making Him wait at the table, you then think you’ll be able to hide your other “agenda” and secret “innocent” relationship or encounter from Him when you come back to the dinner table. Living in two different worlds isn’t possible. He knows, and it breaks His heart. Glaring at Him when He asks about it, or playing dumb, or justifying it—won’t help. 

Think! To sacrifice true love for THAT nothing-alternative—is it really a good idea? Is it really worth it? Thinking you can “control it” and have what you want on both sides is not true and won’t work. Make a choice of Integrity. Renounce all “connections” with the old and TRUST Him.
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