A Toast


(Privately, from one of the Saints here... Listen in, if you’d like...)

If I were sitting at the Wedding Feast today, this is what I want to say to “toast” my Dad:

To the God-Man who never once did to me what I did to Him, who was ALWAYS there for me, sometimes through long, lonely hours of waiting for me to choose to remember Him.

To the One who was never overwhelmed by a problem or unable to create a Solution to save a longing soul, no matter how complex the situation was.

To the One who taught me, by example, what Love is—both by His often unexpected treatment of me, and by His enduring patience with my siblings and me as a whole. He never compromised His Vision and its purity and integrity, and He never believed that we were capable of less than His Firstborn Son, despite repeated failures and bungled attempts at impressing Him and each other. He never changed and never changed His Standards or Ways or Definitions.

To the most reliable and resilient Man ever to live—who survived long years of neglect and ingratitude and abuse at the hands of His Beloved—never did His heart leave her, no matter what she did or where she wandered.

To the King who saw His citizens and set their feet in a Spacious Place of rich and fertile soil and nourishing crops, and who maintained His intentions for all who would receive the conditions of His Reign.

To the One who saw that SIN is the only real Problem and who poured out all that He was and was most dear to His heart in order to remove its threat to and power over those who would be His People.

To the Seer who knows us through the eyes of Mercy and Forgiveness and Newness in His Son... with the patience of a confident and adoring parent who does all the Work anyway and then lets us feel like we contributed somehow, though we started as trouble and came with nothing, but from merely our listening and believing hearts He fashioned a New Race.

To the Father of whom enough can never be said to remember and attribute due honor for all that He is and all that He does.... we love You with the hearts You Saved and Protected and Shaped with Your very own Hands, and we want nothing more than to be with YOU, Forever.

To my Hero and Best Friend, and the Best Father to ever make a universe out of nothing : ).


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