Addictions, Aloneness, unSaved friends/family/spouses, lack of Fruit


Dr. Bruce Alexander in Vancouver considered the famous lab experiment of the 1970’s. It was the scientific experiment with a lone rat in a cage, with two water bottles -- one laced with cocaine and the other just water. He pondered that the science was potentially flawed and incomplete. In this well-advertised experiment it was “proven” that nine out of ten rats will go back again and again to the cocaine bottle until they killed themselves. They must be hopelessly, chemically addicted to the point of suicide.

Not so fast.

Dr. Alexander set up an alternative experiment that he called “Rat Park” where there were many rats together in a habitat of relationships and tunnels and food and exercise.

Unbelievable. The previously ADDICTED rats STOPPED taking the deadly drug without coaxing or withdrawal or removal of the drug from their environment. The “chemical hook” was not strong enough to stand against the “bonds” of “relationship” that were introduced in “Rat Park.” The self-mutilation and nihilistic addictive suicides were reduced to nothing.

DRUGS and addiction were never really the issue! Aloneness was the issue, though the “rat” would never have thought of it that way. You don’t know what you don’t know.

The “shadow” of “rats” (ironic, actually :)) tells The Story of Jesus’ Plan - His Family - His Kingdom.

HIS Church is the one “against which the gates of Hell can not defend.” The Fruit tells the Story.

Consider the titanic admitted failures of the religious world (see George Barna statistics, as well as Graham, PromiseKeepers, etc). Their statistics of divorce and alcohol and pornography and 75% teenage destruction are provably levels statistically no better than atheists (Fox News) and the worldly.

Our addictions are deeply rooted in the “attendance-based” and “clergy-laity based” religion practiced today. Ironically, to a Bible-believing group, this attendance-based only form of religions IS NOT FOUND ANYWHERE IN THE BIBLE THAT GOD WROTE TO US. Weird that most relinquish their lives and families to this unBiblical limited-to-attendance “cage” ...when Jesus offers SO much more to those who will “take up their own cross” for others and “forsake their very life” and “forsake the world” for Him.

The “cage” of attendance-based aloneness was NEVER God’s Plan. HE knows how He has Created us. HIS Plan to set captives Free Indeed is to “set the lonely in Families” to be “joined and knit Together by every supporting ligament” and then “no longer infants tossed to and fro.”

In THREE OUT OF FOUR GOSPELS,;Mark%203:30-34;Mat%2019:29;Luke%2018:29-30;Luke%2011:27-29,%20Luke%2012:50-56,%20Acts%202:42-47&version=NKJV,

Jesus spoke of HIS Church being, not attendance a couple of times a week to “hear another message from the Word” from a man, and sing along with the bouncing ball... But rather, forsaking our LIVES into provocative (Heb.10:24-25) close proximity “called alongside” (Heb.3:12-14) “daily!” Transactions in various ways with “a HUNDRED MOTHERS, BROTHERS, SISTERS!”

JESUS described HIS Church as a close, intimate, mutual, priesthood of Believers daily relationships - as close as mothers and daily siblings growing up (except with holiness and self-sacrifice and kindness this time) :). Accept nothing less as Jesus’ Desire for His Bride, His Church! But Know that it’s not “they” are the “problem” -- but you abandoning your life that you may find it.

The LIFE becomes the Light of men.

And we still wonder why “the best seminarians and homiletic and hermeneutic techniques” and “the most clever programs” and “the most committed attendance” and “best music ministry in town” -- still result in addictions and devastation that Billy Graham and Jakes and Hayford and Barna all admit is 75% or higher?

The Rat Prison of “attendance-based aloneness” -- even with good information and good singing -- still allows 9 out of 10 to have no power over addictions. Jesus has another Way.


Not that Jesus can be “used” for social reform or addiction recovery. He Sees right through that, of course. John, chapter six, tells us what He thinks about “seeking” Him for material or emotional or relational, or even “salvation” personal gain. He won’t have it.

Our “death” must be for HIM, because we are “cut to the heart” for having crucified the innocent Lamb with our stubborn self-seeking rebellion, or it has no supernatural Potential.

But, that said, HIS Plan includes, where you are, the CHURCH to be “a HUNDRED mothers, brothers, and sisters” -- “against which the gates of Hell can not defend.” “Baptized by the Spirit into one Body” “We being many are One” FUNCTIONALLY -- not theoretically and “invisibly” -- IS Abba’s Plan “that the world may Know we are His” and that captives and addicts and the lonely and the proud will be SET FREE! Free indeed.

Don’t let anyone convince you, “steal your crown,” that losing 75% of your children and 50% of your marriages and “50% of men engaged in pornography in the last 14 days” (Promise Keeper stat) is God’s Plan and that the gates of Hell prevailing is acceptable.

If another country poisoned the water or air or food in your country and 50% of your family and neighbors died, would that not be AN ACT OF WAR?! Why do we stand back generation after generation and allow others to hypnotize us into watching this “fruit” happen around us, and then opt for a better speech and better music as the hopeful hypeful “solution”?! That which allows generations of children to die is AN ACT OF WAR not “an optional method.”

Rise Up and lay down your life for Jesus and your family and your Family to see HIS DAILY LIFE in your locale -- by DAILY laying down your life for others “while they (and you) are yet sinners” regardless of whether a single person EVER reciprocates!

“Unless the Lord builds the House, its builders build in vain.” Don’t seek it -- just DO it. Wherever you are, whatever your wah-wah circumstances. :)

Addictions and death in the rat cage of the common man’s life, and much of the religious man’s life -- HAVE A SOLUTION IN JESUS AND THE WAYS HE TAUGHT AND LIVED AND DEMONSTRATED.

Just “food for thought.”

Much love to all, in Christ.
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