Attraction to the Internet


The Attraction of “Collective Sociopathy” and “Feeding Frenzy” to Internet Forums, Chat Rooms, and the Blogosphere

Behavior, as with gravity, is defined within its context by certain broad strokes that can be fairly applied to most of us:

* We seek connection with others.

* We are saddened by loss and try to avoid it.

* We dislike rejection.

* We like recognition, appreciation, and attention to some extent.

* We will do more to avoid pain than we will do to seek pleasure.

* We dislike ridicule and embarrassment.

* We care what others think of us.

* We seek a degree of control over our lives.

Though it is true that people have more in common than in contrast, you will encounter those who have vastly different standards of behavior, and vastly different ways of perceiving the same events.

Robert D. Hare’s book Without Conscience identifies several features of psychopaths and sociopaths, religious or otherwise.

* The ability to act without conscience or concern for the welfare of others.

* Egocentric and grandiose.

* Lacking remorse or grief.

* Deceitful and manipulative.

* Impulsive.

* In need of excitement.

* Lacking willingness to take responsibility, or admit errors proven by contrary facts.

* Unwillingness or inability to perceive from others’ perspective.

—Gavin De Becker
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