Can you See it, Feel it?


There was a beggar who sat along the roadside hoping for coins to be placed into his cup. All he had in there at the time was a small pile of rice grains.

Then a cry went up that the king was headed that way. The beggar became truly hopeful. The king was a good man. Surely he would give him some coins.

As the king’s carriage approached, the beggar got close and waited. The king came out of his carriage and ended up in front of the beggar.

What the king said was, “Would you please give me some of your rice?”

The beggar was astonished and angry. How could a king demand such a thing from a poor man? Begrudgingly he took out one, two, three grains of rice, and put them into the king’s hand.

The king walked on and the beggar watched, very upset at what had transpired. But as the king’s carriage was pulling away, the beggar caught a gleam of something flashing in his cup. He looked down and there, sitting in his pile of rice, were three coins. And then, of course, he realized. And filled with remorse he thought, “Oh King, if only I had given it all.”
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