Christians Trained by Jesus and the Apostles

"Intolerant of the World's Spirit and Atmosphere"


Quite the contrast to “seeker-sensitive” “be like the world” Laodicea, eh?

But the Christians, so peculiarly “disfranchised of the world,” so intolerant of the world’s spirit and atmosphere, and standing out in such bold contrast and daring unworldliness, were stigmatized “the third race.” The Christians willingly embraced this stigma. Anything was better than sin. “Let the heathen rave.” Christians belonged to another world. They were “dead to all the globe”—out of joint with all the world.

“Never had the Church so much influence over the world as when she had nothing to do with [being like, yoking to] the world.”

Completely separated from that Roman world, those early Christians plunged back into that sunken Empire to lift it off its hinges and change the entire course of the world’s history.

But in speaking of those early days, Tertullian wrote: “We engage in these conflicts as men whose very lives are not our own.” (LE Maxwell)

—Heinrich 5:56 p.m.
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