Clean, Clean, Clean!

From another Brother in Africa


Clean, Clean, Clean

You have washed us clean

There is no sin You cannot cleanse

We come and bring You all our pain

And there is no sorrow You cannot heal

You have taken what the enemy meant for evil and turned it into triumph for You

You have taken our heartache and caused us to grow

There is nothing too difficult for You

All You ask is that we run to You

And look into Your eyes and Love You

Everyday His mercies are new

Each day we are given the opportunity to look our Father in the Eyes, through His Son

Each new day provides us with insight into our Loving Father

We can forget about yesterday and our failures.

He gives us new mercies to once again present our bodies as a living sacrifice.

Don’t let yesterday hamper your growth today.

Today is the day to respond to Him.

Today, in light of His Heart for you, you can choose to live completely and wholly for Him.

Let us not ponder our inadequacies of yesterday for it will surely challenge our faith in Him today.

Know that He is FOR YOU. He has made everything possible for you to be successful today, tomorrow and forevermore.

Now unto Him who is able to keep you from falling and to make you stand in His presence, Blameless and with great joy.

To the only God our Saviour, to Jesus Christ our Lord. Be the Glory and the Majesty, Dominion and Authority. Both now and for Evermore. Amen.

What a wonderful Saviour, He does all this FOR US. We can live today with Adoration and Worship in our hearts towards a God that is FOR US.

Let us Believe that He loves us and wants us to succeed. AMEN
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