Sharing Jesus is not your JOB


Not a “job” but like a doting grandpa sharing photos! The REAL Man of men is a JOY to behold and to display! “The love for and in Christ compels us!” : )

Do Your Co-workers Understand the Good News of Jesus? Hey guys, make sure that your coworkers or the people that you interact with understand that Jesus isn't just a historical figurine on the board game of life, but He came into the world to Deliver—and to explain things to men they had not understood for millennium. He helped and helps them understand Answers and Truths about the most difficult issues of life. He demonstrated His power over nature itself to prove His worthiness—and He needs to be listened to. Gravity is not an optional “belief” (“that's okay for YOU, but you have to accept my belief in random non-gravity, too”). Gravity is not an “optional belief”—NOR is anything else from Jesus. Make sure all you are acquainted with have at least a chance in “the Valley of Decision” to recognize their Maker. : ) 1:31 p.m.
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