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From: m.k.

Was just considering the current activity to oppose religious, violent extremism...

A small number of people in an “extreme” religious faction is causing great havoc, fear, and both official and religious reaction (regardless of their actual techniques).

Both religious and state authorities are reacting and attempting to root out these influences across multiple countries.

The prince of this world seems unaffected by such gyrations, and energizes them in many ways, as they distract from the pursuit of Truth.


1) Sounds somewhat like Jesus’ day, doesn’t it?

2) If a small number of extremists can cause so much reaction and are not threatening the prince of this world, how much more will the Body be persecuted and hunted by the religious and state authorities when we use no less extreme techniques and weapons (from a spiritual perspective) and do threaten the current status of the world?

3) We need to be ready and aware!!!!

For the Conquering Lamb and the praise of His Glory!!

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