Dare to Live


Electricity existed thousands of years before anyone ever used it. It was always there for the having:

One of the reasons SO very few Know what it means to have intimate deep true friendship with Jesus... is that so few have been willing to run towards Him—abandoned of self.

He’s EARNED that. Let go now. The loss is far too great to “stay in control.”

As with any relationship that never reached its Potential:

One does not discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time. -Jesus, also Andr�� Gide

It takes courage...

...but what we actually “have” without this internal courage—isn’t much.

Your “mother” (fear and man-pleasing) doesn’t want you to go outside, or ride a bike. She wants you to live in her basement forever. Where it’s “safe” and you won’t get “hurt.”

DARE TO LIVE - and THERE DISCOVER what could be.


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