Things for Disciples of Jesus to Expect From Themselves


from a sister here…

Some things for disciples of Jesus to expect from themselves, as they desire to serve Jesus daily amongst His People and in the world, in our short lifetimes : ). Maybe we can test these things throughout our day, and see that the negatives are vanquished, for the Lamb!

#1—i will not demand that the people in my life make me feel important by paying homage to me as though i am superior to them or others around us in any way. Jesus came to serve, not to be served. If i want them to admire me, i am taking from them [and Jesus] the admiration they should be giving to Jesus alone. i would also be defeating all that He died to accomplish in making us one, by differentiating myself from them as somehow an end in myself, rather than a brother amongst brothers.

#2—i do not need to be the one to speak—the truth simply needs to be proclaimed that all who are willing may know Him and live with Him, now and forever. If anything of His Strength or Majesty or personality or plans is lacking, i can do my best to make sure these things are supplied, but it should never point back to me in any way or it will defeat the very words i speak and the ability of the hearers to Live. This is NOT about “me”—and while I am willing to step out to serve Him or speak for Him as His “Ambassador” at any time, no matter what the personal cost, i cannot seek to advance myself—and still have Jesus as a close companion.

#3—i will step into and out of the world system, with it’s sights and smells and sensual and ego and relational vices and diversions—as a visitor, not a whole-hearted participant and companion in the fallen world. i will not give my allegiance to the people, the priorities, the ways of this world or it will kill me, debilitate those who share my life, and allow satan a window into God’s Business, where he is neither welcome nor should he be a party to the household secrets meant for the sons and daughters.

#4—i will exist as a window for God to give, not a bottomless pit for me to take from people and places and things to feed all the appetites of my ego, my pride, my ambition, my dreams, my glory-seeking……………………… i will not jeopardize His Mission on this planet, in my lifetime, by trying to prove something to the world about myself and my worth to it and my importance in it. He cannot display Himself if i am pushing myself to the forefront of every thing i touch, and if He cannot display Himself, then no one will ever find Him in any thing i do or say and they will be further perpetuated in pain, in sin, in ignorance, in blindness, in death, unless they can find Jesus there.

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