Every Day Progress


SO, are you BEING SERIOUS and focused in your pursuit of your Coat of Arms categories? EVERY DAY, PROGRESS??!! We expect focus out of our children. Do we expect that out of ourselves, too? Or do days get frittered by “situations that come up”? Focus!! Do it!! Are there areas of your life that need shored up? Are your prayer commitment and time and execution “weak”? Change it, right now!! Take a step RIGHT NOW towards improving that area of your life! Read a chapter of a book on prayer, write down four things to speak to Dad about, and then take the phone (and pager!) off the hook for TEN MINUTES!! Take small steps, but STEP NOW!! Whatever the area you need to change in. The Fruit of the SPIRIT includes SELF-control, “power, love, and a sound mind”!! Today. Xxoxo 11:49 a.m.

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