The Seed Must Die


  1. The Seed Must Die
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This process of the seed falling to the ground and dying is the only thing that can keep us from abiding alone, sitting in a chair in the middle of several hundred people and still being all alone. But, if it dies, it’s no longer alone, Jesus said. You’re not alone any more. Something plugs in when you allow the seed to fall to the ground and die in your own life. When you let go, as Jesus did, and are willing even to be afflicted and despised of God, even rejected of God as it would seem. When you don’t have to have something out of it for you.

The greatest victory, the supernatural victory is not the one where all of heaven stands up and applauds. It’s when all of heaven turns around, when you make your greatest act of self- sacrifice, and make your most valiant effort to serve God, and all of heaven turns around backwards and folds their arms.
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