Faith is Life-Changing


From John MacArthur’s book The Gospel According to the Apostles:

“How can (true) faith fail to be life-changing? It can’t. This faith is a firm and supernatural conviction that governs the true believer’s behavior, as the examples in Hebrews 11 also demonstrate. People of faith obey, worship, endure, sacrifice, and work by faith. Our works are not fleshly efforts, but the inevitable byproduct of a rock-solid conviction that the “things not seen” are nevertheless real. We obey because we are committed to the object of our faith…“

[And even more on the subject!!!!! Please read each of these links to the Words of God carefully and prayerfully?…

We WILL of course obey and love and worship and sacrifice IF we’re TRULY Saved—not because of “will power” and human strength, but BECAUSE ALL who are Saved have JESUS LIVING INSIDE OF THEM.

THAT is NOT of course without miraculous daily evidence—when we are not totally quenching and grieving Him against our own consciences —that HE put within us.

HIS VERY LIFE WITHIN makes it “impossible” to blindly continue in sin without a conscience war and then softness and submission—IF we’re truly His.]—m
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