Family First? Focus on the Family?


There IS no Scripture that says, “Seek first the family. Seek SECOND the Kingdom.” It is ONLY “Seek FIRST the KINGDOM, and all these things will be added to you as well.” There IS no Scripture that says, “Build a wall around your dwelling and those who have your last name, and THEN go out from there, when it seems good to you.” ANYTHING you’ll read in 1Tim.5 or 1Tim3 etc is in the ASSUMED CONTEXT of “a HUNDRED mothers, brothers, sisters, lands, possessions, eternal Life and persecutions”—it is NOT ISOLATED SEPARATELY FROM.

Not only does the Scripture support this by virtue of ZERO examples and ZERO Scriptures that say to “isolate” the “family unit” as something that is “mine” on the side (Peter “took ALONG a believing wife” etc etc), but in over 20 years it’s just OBVIOUS by its Fruit that God’s ways are right. Jimmy Dobson is only reacting to the pathetic empty leaven-filled religious world around him when he says, unBiblically (but understandably in HIS world), “Well, at least protect what you can. Focus on the family.”

Ruling one’s household well INCLUDES making CERTAIN that Apollos and Priscilla and Silas have as much influence as possible on my children’s formative years! Anything less would be prideful and foolish on my part, and would NOT be “ruling my household well” or “seeking FIRST the Kingdom of God.”
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