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Just read “Seeds of Hope,” and it is good stuff! Your material deals head on with verses that have bothered me for years. My intuition was that they weren’t being taken seriously, but when you ask touchy questions in most church groups, you get the pat doctrinal answer or it sort of gets swept aside. Some of those pat answers are becoming “Frequently Asked Questions” as I discuss these topics with others. They go something like this:

“What about the doctrine of ‘Once saved, always saved?’”

My comeback to that has always been, “Sure…IF truly saved!” I figured that walking the aisle while wearing a smile didn’t always equate to true conversion. But then comes the next question…

“Haven’t we all known real, on-fire Christians who back-slid and stayed that way for years? Maybe God even called them home in the midst of their bad behavior, but their conversion—at least in the early years—was certainly sincere. You don’t think they could fall from grace and go to hell, do you?”

That one’s a little harder. The parable of the sower and the seed comes to mind—the part about the seed that springs up quickly but then perishes because of lack of depth (which I take to be a lack of 100% commitment to Lordship) or because of the cares of this world, which might include the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the boastful pride of life—the pursuit of all those things that look good and feel good that distract us from our original commitment. This would seem to indicate that not all those who “spring up” from the pews for an alter call will make it to the end. What do we do with verses like “He who endures to the end shall be saved”?

I should say that I have been blessed to have been brought up in a variety of denominations. I am not brand loyal to any particular doctrine except that which is in the Word. I have found true, vibrant, God-fearing Believers in every church. I have found hypocrites playing games in every church. And I have found a lot of spiritual babes stunted from a lack of pure milk and a plethora of junk food doctrine in every church. I just want to know God’s doctrinal position.

What say you?

Hi there : ) ……………Maybe the best answer in most cases is simply… “If I live for Him with all my heart, at any cost of material goods or the affections or respect of men—and YOU do that—and we pour ourselves out to help everyone we can to do that ALSO, what else do we need to know, REALLY?”

I could answer your question in a way that would make some sense to you, and is in keeping with the thoughts you’ve shared, BUT, in the End, really all we can do is SPEND ourselves for everyone we possibly can. The rest takes care of itself, it seems like. Right? We can’t control much of anything, or persuade anyone if they have made up their minds about anything anyway. AND, if we COULD change someone’s mind on a topic like this, how would they choose to change their life as a result? They wouldn’t. If they won’t do it out of love for the Messiah, then nothing will “stick” anyway. SO, we just pour our lives out to snatch both religious and non-religious from the fire, and to give and receive all the help and love we can for the Journey too—and “so be it.” It’s a good way to live—the Tree of Life, rather than that other tree. : ) That’s what I wanted to say. ;) My answer here is not meant to be totally intellectually satisfying—so I’m sure I’ve succeeded in at least that much. : ) But, somewhere in your spirit, I bet you see what I mean?

For His Sake,

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