Legacy System


Saturday Morning, March 11, 2000

A term used in the computer industry, but applicable in the religious world.

Legacy System (leg e-see sis-tem)

A computer system or application program which continues to be used—due to the cost of replacing or redesigning it, and often despite its poor performance. The implication is that the system is large, monolithic and difficult to modify (see Mk. 13:1).

A system that has been in operation so long that no one remembers how it came into being or why it was designed as it was. However, in spite of its inferiority and many fallacies and inefficiencies, many are hopelessly dependent upon it. They have no idea how to do anything differently.

Isn’t it time to go back to the Beginning, to Yesu and His Ways—instead of the “Legacy System” unBiblical paradigm Sunday/Wednesday cell group machine, org-chart hierarchies, programs, events, titles, assigned leaders and performers, gimmicks, psychology, dress up, speech/audience, calendar-ized institution, and self-centered lifestyles?

The “Legacy System” is stealing the rightful inheritance of God’s Lambs, born to be daily “a Kingdom of Priests”!

We must go on towards His Full Intention, together!! (Acts 2:42-47; Heb. 3; 1Jn. 1-3; 1Cor. 12).

It will cost us, as it did the Pearl Merchant, EVERYTHING. The Task is dangerous and daunting. (Mk 13:1).

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