Earth in God's Hands

“GOD”—a bigger word than you could imagine!

God does not have a beginning to His existence. He is the only one that has never had a beginning to His life. He has always been. That’s what makes us so different from God.

We have an origin, a beginning. We are created beings. When we think of anything that has an origin we must not think of God, for He was never created.

God is self-existent, while created things originate from somewhere else. There is nothing that just happened into existence. There is nothing living on this planet that has the power or authority to choose to give itself life. Nothing was self-caused.

Through our bookwork and studies we understand that everything originally came from something else. Right? An egg comes from a chicken, a computer was made by an inventor, a child comes from their parents, and a plant comes from a seed…we could go on and on and on since everything in this world has a creator. Whatever exists must have come from something or someone that is at least equal or greater than itself.

But there is One, unlike us, who breaks the rules. God was not created at all, but is the Real Inventor of everything you see. As God’s creatures and inventions, we can hardly understand that God came from nothing. We keep wondering, “Where in the world did God came from?” We know that everything around us came from something other than itself, and we simply think that it can’t be any other way with God.

Since we are creatures and simple inventions, our minds are not big enough or smart enough to grasp that God is not like us. God is not a human on spiritual steroids. He is so different than us. He isn’t just Kind, and Loving, and Perfect and Powerful. He was never created, but has always existed. He has never had a birthday and will never have a death. He will live and rule forever and there is nothing He can’t do. Ultimately, He is totally above and beyond anything we could potentially try to imagine about Him.

God’s goodness shines brighter than the sun. If we try to focus our attention on Him we may see nothing at all for God is so bright. But He will show Himself to us when we come towards Him with an attitude and heart of faith and love.

Sadly, there are millions who know of God and hear His word but pass through their whole lives on this earth without once having really thought or tried to think seriously about who God Really is. Few people have let their hearts gaze in wonder at the I AM, the self-existent Self. Many don’t see why having a knowledge of God affects their lives in this world. They don’t see the practicality of it. They prefer to think about the immediate things such as sports, hobbies and fun. And for this reason many people are decaying and dying. The do not see themselves, this world, or God properly.

But the truth is that we are the handiwork, the inventions, of God. All of our problems and every solution is wrapped up in the I AM. Man is a created being, a derived and conditional self, who can’t do anything on his own. We are dependent each moment for our whole existence upon God. If you live a life that ignores God you will have no ground for your existence. As a sunbeam perishes when cut off from the sun, so man apart from God would pass back into the void of nothingness.

Robot fighting a man.

We are sinners because we challenge God’s authority. We think that somehow we can make our own decisions and live as our own gods. We were born rebels. As far as we know, it is only natural to act as we do. At least we are willing to sacrifice for others and do kind things, we think. BUT the question is whether you are willing to dethrone yourself. Are you willing to let God decide your life for you? If the consequence of heaven and hell didn’t exist, maybe you would choose to live for yourself, but the consequences do exist when you decide to make yourself your own authority and choose to think you are better than God.

As creatures and little bitty inventions, don’t you think we owe it to our Creator to listen and obey Him? God gives you the will to decide, but remember it is God who also gives you the ability to breathe. If you were to sum up our existence, we are little more than a lamp. When someone unplugs a lamp, is it unfair? If God were to unplug you, never would it be an unjust crime. We are His creation. He has chosen us as His prized and favorite invention, but never forget that we are His. Choose to come back to Him and let Him be your boss!

Lines of Robots.

I want you to hold onto a word-picture from the movie i, Robot. In this movie, mankind created a race of robots. According to the Three Laws of Robotics a robot can’t harm a human--but the rules were broken! The robots rebelled against their masters in a violent revolt. Only the robot, Sonny, chose to submit his will to come under the authority of his creator. In the end all the robots that chose to rebel against the authority were packed away. Sonny was the only one who was free. We owe God the same response as Sonny. Although we live in a world of rebels with satan at our doorstep, we can choose to live for our Creator. We can choose to open up our eyes to see God as He really is. Let Him be your Lord. Give him all of your desires, and wants. Trust that He is the best Master and His love for you is unfathomable. Risk to believe Him!

Remember, God will show Himself to you as you take steps towards him in Faith and love. (Faith is a trust in God that He has all authority and deserves your will and desires.) Give up being your own little gods in this pretend world. Open your eyes to the truth that God is on the throne and has all control over your life. You desperately need Him for your existence and He desperately loves you! His character and love are worth your trust, faith and love.

—From The Self-Existence of God by A.W.T. (simplified with some added thoughts and pictures ;))

Sonny shaking hands with a man.
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