GOD Is Large. I am Not.

Pride is foolish. Rebellion and stubborness are DUMB.


Associated Press “The sharpest picture ever taken of the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, home of our solar system, shows a cast of bizarre characters—neutron stars, dwarf stars, and small black holes—clustered around a super-massive black hole.

“The galactic center is the “down-town” of the Milky Way, a place bathed in a fog of superheated gas and extremely active stars being born, old stars blowing up into supernovae and black holes sucking in clouds and matter, said Daniel Wang of the University of Massachusetts, at national meeting of the American Astronomical Society.

“The center of the Milky Way was obscured, until recent X-Ray photographs, by a dense screen of dust, gas heated to ten million degrees, and the glare of millions of stars. This series of recent photographs, covering a mosaic area of 400 light years high, and 900 light years long, has revealed at our galaxy’s center hundreds of white dwarf stars, neutron stars, and the collapsed husk of medium stars collapsed to such density that not even light can escape its pull. This super-massive black hole at the center of the Milky Way has the density of millions of suns. The center of our galaxy is a constant roar of star formation and destruction.

“Our (small) solar system is within the Milky Way galaxy. Our solar system includes the Earth and our sun (and a few other rocks), and is about halfway out one of the galaxy’s many spiral arms—about 25,000 light years from the center.”


A light year is approximately 6 trillion miles.

The earth is a minuscule speck, circling around a minuscule speck, halfway out one of the spiral arms of but one of the millions of galaxies. AND, I am but one of 6 or 7 billion inhabitants of this small speck, living in but one moment of the ancient history of billions of others who have gone before me.

Pride has GOT to be one of the most foolish of all sins of created beings. It just is not even intelligent to be “proud” and “independent”!

I think I’ll just LOVE GOD and leave it at that?! I don’t have to view myself—or my big desires or plans or “accomplishments”—as all that big a deal... in view of the SCOPE and the MAGNITUDE of all that is God, and all that is God’s! Now THAT makes sense! I’ll LOVE Him! I do. He’s VERY easy to learn to love when my eyes aren’t on myself, or on the work of my puny hands.

Ahhh... consider the lilies.

Worship at His footstool.

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