Why might there exist in this age so few genuinely grateful people?

Because most of Adam’s phratry totally misrepresent to themselves how their histrionics should conclude had God not placed gifts and protection in their paths.

He has positioned for each of us surreptitious opportunities, and Chosen human relationships, of His own design.

In His generosity He has granted undeserved, though often perplexing, blessings and endowments.

The Master has prepared circumstance and relationships to “miraculously” transform us beyond the ensconced disaster which all are due, but for His grace.

Marvelously, His gifts to the humble and grateful “yield the peaceful fruit of righteousness, to those trained by it.” Most take no time to delicately and thoroughly consider God’s intervention on our behalf—or our destiny apart from this. We must. To meander in mind games of ingratitude is to invite revocation of His provision.

Still, the vainglorious and ungrateful stand in denial of Divine fact: What has been done for them, by God, through angel and human association, commitment, and interchange—has saved them from themselves.

What then shall we conclude? Verily. Be thou grateful. Be thou humble. A broken and grateful, content and contrite heart shall experience the Saviour’s pleasure and peace, now and forevermore.
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