How Can One NOT Passionately Love Jesus, If...


How can one NOT passionately love Jesus—if they’ve ever truly emptied themselves in order to taste His character and love?

AnyMan “had meant to extract the smallest, experimental sip, but the first taste put his caution all to flight. It was, of course, a taste, just as his thirst and hunger had been thirst and hunger. But then it was so different from every other taste that it seemed mere pedantry to call it a taste at all. It was like the discovery of a totally new genus of pleasures, something unheard of among men, out of all reckoning, beyond all covenant. For one draught of this on earth wars would be fought and nations betrayed. It could not be classified.”

“For one draught of this on earth—wars would be fought and nations betrayed.” (CS Lewis)—jo 10:39 a.m.
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