Right Emphasis: "I'm INTO This or That"??


Hi Matt… ;) Keep in mind that “intercession” and “spiritual warfare” and “praise and worship” (GASP! : ) ) are virtually non-existent in the Teachings of the Apostles and Jesus—except as a reference to what it is we’re DOING here in enemy territory. The only references to “spiritual warfare” and “intercession” are EMBEDDED in the fabric of the LIVES of the NT Church—not a “thing” they did or spoke of, if the Record displays their Emphasis accurately. And of course it does. Like the plumbing in a house, if it (“spiritual warfare” or “intercession” or “whatever”) draws attention to itself by being out in the middle of the living room, it is immodest and inappropriate. It’s important, but it is ORGANIC and not a focus or a “thing” to do, per se.

If the “PICTURE” of the NT Life and “percentage of Teaching” on any given topic, compared to other things, is our barometer of what things are in the Heart of God to Emphasize—then “spiritual warfare” and “intercession” and “deliverance” and “praise and worship” and “evangelism” and “homeschool” and “healthfood” and “innovative meetings” and “house church” and ??? can be hobbies, not Manna. Not that they don’t—in an ORGANIC form—need to exist in the Church in some ways, rightly understood. But, not as a focus. “The Spirit of Prophecy is the TESTIMONY OF JESUS.” NOT, “The Spirit of Jesus is the Testimony of Prophecy, or Intercession, or House Church.” : ) He’s the focus, with His Life and Character in our hearts and daily Life together. “These three things remain.”

Plumbing is only REALLY good if it’s hidden in the walls……… Just a thought I thought you’d appreciate ….… : ) Love,

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