It Hurts Really Bad, But BE GLAD!


“Unless the seed falls to the ground and decomposes, and dies, it abides alone. But IF it dies, multiplied Life comes forth.” (Jn. 12:24) “Unless you take up your cross DAILY, volunteering to die to self-life, you cannot come after Me” (Lk. 9:23).—Jesus

Be GLAD that you are confronted painfully by God to deal with sin in your life. Be frightened if you are NOT! Are you seeing and battling with areas of flesh in yourself? Pride, fear, laziness, defensiveness, uninvolvement with others on a deep level, lust, materialism, intellectual idolatry, family idolatry? SURELY you can’t be sitting back, satisfied? Death HURTS! Trust Him to complete that which He began in you, and be GLAD when unbearably impossible areas are SEEN clearly as areas to Grow in. That is proof of God’s commitment to you! Now, we submit to death! That’s the ONLY place where Resurrection Life, “the power of an Indestructible Life” can begin! 11:48 a.m.
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