Let's Have a Party, Too!


The following was written by Governor Hutchinson of Massachusetts—the chief officer of the King of England in 1773. This was a British leader, writing of the events leading up to what was called “The Boston Tea Party” in Boston Harbor. Hutchinson was reflecting on the MINDSET of those that desired a revolution and freedom from “taxation without representation” and the other issues that the american colonies considered bondage.

It seems to me, that if God’s People are going to see in their generation the REVOLUTION that Jesus desires, and CAPTIVES SET FREE from sin and death and lukewarm religion and vices and shallowness and emptiness and loneliness and compromise and taxation without representation and false kings and unfruitful living………. WE NEED TO CULTIVATE THIS MINDSET AS WELL!

Hutchinson was the “enemy” of the birthing of a nation. Here’s what he had to say about the attitude that he saw in the revolutionaries—the rag-tag men that would go on to victory against the mightiest opponent imaginable:

“The thing was done, the decision made: there was no way of nullifying it. They feared no consequences. To engage in desperate measure had long been their plan. (Every act to divert them or control them or harm them was welcomed as additional motivation that something must be done towards that which they had staked all.) They had nothing left to fear for themselves. They had gone too far to recede. If they were to be judged by the laws of their old masters, their offenses, long since, had been of the highest nature. Why should they back away now? What more could be lost? Their all depended upon attaining to the object which first engaged them.”

OH that the Spirit of the Living God would raise up a Holy Nation of those so single-minded—and willing to shake off the bondage of self, and external religion, of fear of man, and of worldly loves and cravings of comfort—to sacrifice ALL for the Truths and Honor of Jesus, the King of all the Kings!

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