Foundational Note To a Confused Soldier


Hi there, I have to keep calling out to you… I know the man I once knew was a man of integrity and not willing to be a “weeny” (to use your word). And I refuse to give up on you. And I love marriage and marriages. That is not the issue here. I’m delighted that you are getting some age-old problems worked out, and support fully you being somewhere else to do that. However, there are things relating to JESUS’ BRIDE that I see you very willing to trash, and that can not make Him happy about how you are treating HIS Bride. So, the following note is an expression of my desire for you not to forget HIS Bride while you are making things of the last decade right with yours! Be patient with me as you read this, but DO take it to heart and to your knees with a willingness to pay any price for Jesus’ Bride as you want to honor your own.

I have to say that Waco has nothing on the holocaust that today’s teachers (2Tim. 4:3, 3:1-9) are helping to create on Judgment Day. Jesus taught that a multitude of religious folks (NOT “unbelievers”) will say “Lord, Lord—we attended every Sunday faithfully, we tithed, we even believed in your miracles!” But, because they “loved the world”—they were all along, as God has declared, “enemies of God.” Are you, Stew, going to let them be destroyed because of changing Mat. 18 to read, “Just brush it under the rug”?

Many around you, because they “lived for pleasure” are “dead even while they lived.” Will you sing them a lullaby, and let them be destroyed? They never did what Jesus declared as non-negotiable: “Forsake all to be my follower.” Will you ACT, or tell them, “Be warm and well-fed…”; the Holy Spirit will do my part? Is it OK to not “forsake all” including, as the Master taught, “father, mother, brother, sister, lands, possessions?” Will you coddle the murderers and adulterers and idolaters with a cowardly treatment of the clear teachings of Jesus and the Apostles, and become accountable for their destruction?

They might have turned to Jesus—had you obeyed Jesus and acted on Mat. 18 and 1Cor. 5 as the Master has commanded. (In all of my years here and in other cities, involving thousands of people, I have only witnessed, for the record possibly nine or ten such “1Cor. 5” times happen.) But I declare to you in the Name of Jesus of Nazareth that God will not be mocked by twisting of the Holy Scriptures: “Go to him and him alone… if he hears you you’ve won your brother. If he refuses, bring two of three witnesses: ‘Let every matter be established by the testimony of two or three.’ If he still won’t hear you, take it before the church. If he won’t hear even the church, THEN JUST DROP IT AND FORGET THE WHOLE THING—’LOVE THEM ANYWAY.’ WELCOME THEM INTO FELLOWSHIP JUST LIKE YOU WOULD ANY OTHER IMMORAL PERSON OR LOVER OF THE WORLD. LIGHT AND DARKNESS ARE MEANT TO COHABIT AND GO TO BED TOGETHER—DON’T ‘COME OUT FROM AMONG THEM AND BE SEPARATE’ (2Cor. 6)—LOVE AND FELLOWSHIP WITH MURDER, ADULTERY, and IDOLATRY. NO CAUSE FOR SEPARATION! EAT, DRINK, BE MERRY WITH YOUR FISH BUMPER STICKER WHICH WILL NULLIFY THE VERSE, “Those that love the world make themselves enemies of God”! (Jas. 4:4).

I don’t want you to be angry with me or call me names, but this is of the utmost importance for your future, and the future and Unity of the Bride of Christ. You have been giving yourself over to a terrible deception recently, brought on based on what you have said, by your pain and guilt that you have not been a good husband over the years. Please be the best husband in the world, but you need to separate the two things now. You’ve got to see through this—TO SUPPORT AND HAVE OPEN FELLOWSHIP WITH LUKEWARMNESS RATHER THAN BE HEART AND STOMACH-SICKENED BY LUKEWARMNESS IS TO PUT OURSELVES IN OPPOSITION TO GOD! It is a terrible perversion of both the old and new testaments, authored by the same God.

What were Ananias’ or Sapphira’s mothers to think of what happened in Acts 5? Would they have been supportive of how “Peter handled it” when their children were struck dead? They would, IF THEY WERE TRUE FOLLOWERS OF JESUS. Would you? I can’t answer that for you, but I hope you’ll see through the godless, american smokescreen that so many are trying to sell these days again, 2Tim. 4.1-5, 3:1-17… please read these.

I remain your friend. Like Kevin, I fear for your participation in the counterfeit of Christianity: “Being a friend of the world does not make one an enemy of God. And if it did, the church should certainly not reflect the mind of God in any way.” That is “sand,” for your life, your family’s, and whatever believers you may ever hang around. A serious mistake. Please reconsider. Whatever mistakes anyone has ever made in trying to live for God in the manner that Jesus taught—we will learn and grow and change and go on. However, you are starting with false teaching as your premise (“Just love them anyway”) and therefore you’ll never see True Life in a corporate setting while building on this “sand” as a foundation (Mat. 7:21ff).

You said of us a day or two ago: “Never before have we seen a collection of hearts so desperate and willing to follow God at any cost.” Did that happen by accident? No. You can not see that again with this doctrine you are being given. Watch and see. It can’t happen on a foundation of sand. Here’s why: You won’t know who you can open your heart to. You won’t know who you can depend on. You won’t be able to discuss much of anything of substance, not knowing who is a hypocrite and who isn’t—since the teachings of Jesus, and obedience to Him are NOT the standard. Just a profession of “Lord, Lord” means nothing according to Jesus, without obedience to Him as a person in daily life. You will be, unless you harden yourself to the Purposes of God, miserable with no recourse. That’s what happens when Jesus is not the Standard, but rather just a “figurehead” (as Tozer has said). Enough for now… my love for you intact…
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