Overcomers vs. "Just Saved"


Hi, What is the difference between,“This isn’t a salvation issue” that you qualify some of the things you say with and,“The Overcomers are part of the bride, and everyone else is just saved” doctrine (a la Lance Lambert and others)?

Dudes, I really can’t take the time just this moment, but will direct you back to Paul’s statement: Some, because of the shoddy materials of their “work” are saved, but as through the flames. Barely saved and nothing of substance to offer Jesus. There is no associated statement however, in describing these “barely saved” folks to label them as NOT a part of the Bride of Christ. It is simply a shame that these that loved Him and longed for His appearing (1Jn. 3:1-10), these DISCIPLES... were so inclined to build man’s way rather than God’s, like the Galatians had begun to do. Paul did not warn the Galatians that they would be, if they weren’t careful, relegated to simply be Christians rather than Disciples, or simply a part of the Church but not a part of the Bride. They were simply building man’s way out of ignorance and flesh and poor leadership in their midst.

Poor building and unfruitful lives because of trying to attain our goal by mere human effort rather than the Spirit—these things don’t cost us our salvation and don’t keep us from being a part of the Bride. Nor do they free us from the responsibilities ALL Disciples/Christians have to follow the Lamb where ever He goes, in spite of consequences. That is not something I can say: “I may decide to live that way later, but I’m not interested in following THAT way right now.” Such a person is not a poor builder, but an unregenerate person. They are not yet a part of the Bride OR the Church. A la the rich young ruler and Lk. 14:33. They are not yet a Christian OR a Disciple.

Can you see it a bit?


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