Overcoming the Evil One

A question


Hi Eric, one thought that seems to be on God’s Mind recently about *overcoming sin* is this (Jer. 31; Eze. 36-37; Heb. 8, 10; 1Jn. 3):

God wants us to overwhelm Him with pleas, reminding Him of the POWER of the New Covenant. Reminding Him of the difference between the Old Covenant of the man needing to bang on his neighbor constantly (and vice versa), “Know the Lord! Know the Lord! Know the Lord!” and the New Agreement where He PROMISED to “change our hearts,” to “cause us to keep His commands and decrees”! He PROMISED this amazing Oath that He would not any longer make us rely on externals, but He would put the Spirit that rose Jesus from the dead and presented Him unspotted before the Glorious Throne IN US! He would take our hearts of stone and HE would soften them! For those that “search for Him with all their hearts,” HE will, by His Oath, His Covenant and His Grace—HE will genetically *rewire* us!

Bug Him, “Give God no rest,” ask Him constantly for His own Name’s Sake! to change your heart and desires! Obey Him in the mean time, repent of anything unlike Him, but BEG Him to do miracles in yourself and your brothers and sisters throughout the world!


Love in Him,

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