A "Sense of Protest" or Relevant Action?


I heard this below sentence on a history video: A man from Holland was trying to explain why Holland allowed the Nazi infiltration into their country, and rather easily.  A few VERY interesting things were said, including:

“Having a sense of protest is not the same as translating it into relevant action.”

This really struck me, because the areas of my life that i am aware of that need obvious Improvement are like that (and the religious world that doesn’t move in Jesus’ Ways and Truth, too of course). My self-deception precisely falls into the category of me “having a SENSE of protest.” Yes, i “protest” it, sure, i “sense” it; i even say i “hate” it—but i “live with it.” Gotta do more than that if i want something to change. Jesus doesn’t Command anything that cannot be obeyed, with His already-provided provision.

I guess part of the point is that one “feels” that the “sense of protest” counts or substitutes for the full measure of care, but i know honestly that it doesn’t. Jesus spoke of “the great Commission” being about “teach them to OBEY” not “teach them to feel bad” or “teach them to express an opinion.” Jesus spoke of those who “put into practice” and “obey” His Words are the ones who are welcomed to His side and whose “house” will STAND. I don’t want to be part of satan or hitler’s kingdom because i only managed to come up with “a sense of protest” but not courageous, faith-filled obedience by choice, as Jesus, as “Father Abraham.” I shall walk “IN Him”!!

—NC 12:34 p.m.

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