Quitter Or Overcomer?


In the 400 years of slavery in Egypt, satan killed all but the strongest of God’s Chosen. Those that would endure the 110 degree temperatures, moving 400 ton blocks of stone with no technology, whips on their backs, and little food—those that would survive... ONLY GOT STRONGER AND STRONGER. And their OFFSPRING would be the offspring—of the strongest of the strong. The gene pool became richer and richer. And when satan sought to kill the newborn males of God’s Chosen People, only the sons of those that were the toughest mentally and emotionally, the shrewdest and those stubbornly loyal and loving would or could protect their children from the enemy’s swords. When all of the ugliest testing of the enemy has come and gone, THOSE THAT REMAIN ARE THE STRONGEST PHYSICALLY, EMOTIONALLY, MENTALLY, AND SPIRITUALLY. All of satan’s hatred and schemes to destroy HAVE ONLY PREPARED A RACE OF THOSE THAT CANNOT BE BEATEN AND WILL NEVER QUIT. And what the heat and the whip and the sword will not do to equip and build God’s Chosen, God Himself will Refine in the Desert. Even these “difficulties” are only the next stage of Preparation for Life and Liberty and Sonship and Ruling. HE is preparing a super-Race of those who “will Stand, and when they’ve done all, they will STAND.” ........ “I WILL *BUILD* MY CHURCH.”

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