Real Time Connection to God

Responding to the HEAD Together IN Him, not assuming "good works" for Him


Let’s be connected to God’s CURRENT thought, not some general idea of, “Anything that I want to do, that is not generally illegal or wrong, is probably alright. It’s all kind of in general in the ways and the counsel of God for Christians to be together, kind of in general…” but it has no Connection to the Head. Therefore, it will end in catastrophe, oftentimes, because of the weeds that motivated it.

Just like last night when we were talking, be sure to understand this clearly: if you make decisions that aren’t connected to the Head, it IS because of sin. It is. It always is. Either my sentiment rules me or the Spirit of God rules me. Or pride rules me, “I can do that, I’m the right person, I can say, I can do, I’m in control, I can handle it.” I don’t know how many people I’ve known over the last 28 years who have said, “I can handle it,” and are now in an unmarked grave spiritually right now in some city or country somewhere because they thought they could handle it. That is just pitiful thinking; it’s arrogance. “I will build my Church; the gates of hell won’t prevail against.” That’s what the scriptures say. Ephesians 4 says we need gifts in our lives so that we grow up into the unity of the faith and the full knowledge of the Son of God. It doesn’t say that everybody just does it on their own and they happen to sit in the same room sometimes. We do need each other. That’s what the SCRIPTURES say. Do you believe the Scriptures, or do you want to believe your own pride?

So anytime we are not connected to the Head in a simple decision about whether or not to get together with a Christian who only lives an hour away—anytime we’re not connected to the Head—it’s sentiment, selfishness, pride, fear, laziness, loneliness, or something else. There is something going on there in the sin realm that has blocked the Headship, the current Headship of Jesus, every time. Our disconnectedness is always caused by the acts of the sinful nature. If you keep in step with the Spirit, it’s because you’re walking in the fruits of the Spirit rather than the acts of the sinful nature (Galatians). That’s how you keep in step with the Spirit. You want to know the good, perfect, and pleasing will of God (Romans 12)? It’s because you offer your body as a living sacrifice, then you’ll know the good, perfect, and pleasing will of God. There’s a very direct correlation between obedience and growth in wisdom and faith. There’s a very direct correlation between pulling the weeds of self-life, crushing them and burning them, and the ability to currently hear God in a specific situation and say, “I don’t know why I shouldn’t be having lunch with so and so person, but I had better listen to God because He’s the Only One Who does know. I don’t really have a reason why I shouldn’t have lunch with them, but it doesn’t really seem right. If I were to do it, it would be because I am feeling kind of bored or lonely.” Perhaps there IS reason you shouldn’t be meeting with them for lunch, but how could you have known about it? Well, I think that God did know.

And that’s what heads are supposed to do—to do the thinking for the body. Our job is to be humble enough and connected enough and deal with the weeds well enough and crush and burn the self-life vehicles of deception and wood, hay and stubble. If we’ll deal with that stuff, then and only then… a living sacrifice. “THEN you’ll know the good, perfect, and pleasing will of God.” Acts of the sinful nature: “No one should live in these things and think they will enter the Kingdom of God.” Meanwhile, the fruits of the Spirit are these things and if you live in these things you’ll be able to “keep in step with the Spirit.” You’ll be able to move with Him. Again, not an individual thing but something we help each other with. We help each other pull the weeds.

This all started with a question about, “Wouldn’t _______(some specific good deed or religiously social thing) be an obvious thing to do?” This type of underlying assumption produces a “wood, hay, and stubble” life rather than a Real time Connection to God and to each other. The underlying assumptions can even be good ones, as far as we know. But without connection to the Head, we will not outsmart the enemy because even though satan is stupid, he is smarter than us! He’s got 6,000 years of experience and 14 billion people he’s been messing with and watching—he’s pretty smart. And he was even the smartest, apparently, of all the angels. He even persuaded a THIRD of the angels to follow him instead of God. He’s pretty deceptive; he’s pretty convincing and very, very destructive.

So don’t think that as we just do our “general” Christian thing, based on “general” Christian ideas, that we’re going to outsmart the devil. No. We’re going to get massacred. On the other hand, he’s simply a created “puppet being” and he is NOT in any way, shape, or form smarter than God or even a fraction of God’s little fingernail. So it’s a pretty safe place to be, to hide ourselves in HIM. And the way you do that is to uproot the issues of the flesh and be dependent on Him, fall back in the chair, everyday, in utter dependence and connection, and the humility to know how important that is because there is so much that we don’t know. In such a case we can make a laughing stock out of satan, not because we did, but because that’s God’s desire. His stated desire is to make an open spectacle and produce public shame of satan and humiliate him. So, that being the case—we know that’s His plan—the only way to go about that is to crucify the acts of the sinful nature and make our bodies and our minds a living sacrifice, “the renewing of our mind.” As we do that, we allow the Spirit to gain access and utter control. Not because, “Oh, God just told me I’m supposed to…” Oh, hogwash! Follow that one down the road a while and see where that gets you; we know where that goes. That’s not the nature of the Body of Christ: a bunch of people having a private séance with God and then speaking on His behalf. “Gawd told me to tell you that __.” That’s not, BIBLICALLY, the New Covenant—how to be led by the Spirit. As deceptive and attractive and seductive as that is, that’s just another form of pride. In times past God spoke through the séance thing and through the “external” prophets “at” His People, but now it’s IN His Son, in the Body of Christ, in the Spirit of Christ WITHIN His Body, in the character of Christ.

Most of the people who are the very best at having a stained-glass voice, and acting like they are speaking on God’s behalf—“God told me!”—if you follow them home, they probably have the WORST lives of anybody. Historically speaking, nationally speaking, I can tell you as I’ve experienced all of these denominations, the ones that are most likely to play that card—“God told me!”—have the ugliest, most disgusting lives of ANYBODY I know. The average Baptist, who would be scared to death to say something like that, probably has a ten times more Godly life than the people who keep playing that card! That’s just how it is. God will not be mocked. He will not allow Himself to be treated that way. Jeremiah 23, “Do not say, ‘The Lord said, the Lord said.’” He was dealing with those who would USE that as something to advance themselves and their purposes and their cause. Meanwhile, they are not dealing with their selfishness and pride and their loneliness and fear, their desire for the world, their desire for friendships, desire for reputation, desire for influence, desire to be liked, desire to be pretty, desire to be smart and be recognized as such, desire to be successful, desire to be wealthy. They won’t deal with THAT stuff, and they CAN’T hear God. Because if you deal with that stuff, you’re not really inclined to go around playing hardball with people, and being that way, and in the end being independent and destructive.

Something about the humility of the character of Jesus and the camaraderie of the Body of Christ and responsiveness to one another allows us to be able to hear God in a very accurate and precise and beautiful way. But the independent thing (or any other in the series of the sinful nature issues just mentioned) will destroy our ability to hear God. So it’s all very intertwined. And being super hyper-spiritual yourself or making a series of assumptions based on “good Christian principles” in the distorted vacuum of self-life and prideful independence—both of those are deadly miscalculations in how to walk with God in this Covenant. And you can escape as one through the flames; your soul will be saved, but if you want to make a difference, then the things we’ve been talking about, about how to walk with God and walk with each other, are extremely important in a perilous world and a mortally hateful opponent that we stand against. It’s just not something that we can do on our own or in our own way. God’s Plan…(Mat.16:18, 1Cor.12, Heb.3:12-14, Eph.4:11-17, Eph.3:10, Acts 2:42-47)…God’s Plan…is “Together, with all the Saints”—a LIFE Together in the Son.
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