Religion that is not Christianity


George Barna reveals the heart of american (and world) religion, with this quote today:

As for the factors that influenced who they voted for,

“Only 8% of the non-evangelical ‘born again Christians’ listed [as important] the candidate’s positions on moral issues.”

92% of “born again” religious folks (though most are likely not truly born again, of course, based on this statistic—see (1Jn.3) did not care about the candidate’s moral issues when selecting one to be their leader, according to Barna’s studies.

Interesting statement of our generation and its many pseudo-christian and other religions, it would seem.

Decide for yourself if caring about murder and morality are important to God and His Son Y’shua, since their viewpoint must be ours, of course, if we desire to be, or are “in Christ.” 10:55 a.m.
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