Reverse Engineer Those Alcohol Advertisements...


and Observe What Satan is REALLY selling.

Obviously, MOST in this generation do NOT live in a world, as Jesus and Paul did, devoid of sewage treatment plants. We are NOT generally forced to drink from rivers and wells poisoned by animal and human feces flowing from upstream into our village, or a poisoned water table.

In Jesus’ Day it was not yet known that mold (penicillin) can kill deadly germs that were ransacking and destroying young lives and families daily.

They DID, in Jesus’ Day, realize the antiseptic germ-killing value of fermented biological crops, poured on open wounds (Luke 10:34) or ingested (1Tim.5:23).

“Drink a little fermented grape juice—it’s good for your stomach and frequent illnesses.”

Their water was FILTHY and their life expectancy was a mere 40 years. Can you imagine if most of the people that you know over the age of 40 had already died, and were gone from the earth? Sickness and early death, including babies and children, were a serious problem in “Bible” times, to say the least.

In our day, millions of foolish people are drinking liquid drugs (alcohol) as an injection of a legal pharmaceutical—for entertainment. (Some attempt to rebrand their flesh desire by posturing—after the fact—with excuses about “heart research” and antioxidants that can be acquired many ways.)

Though the liquid drug of alcohol is a TERRIBLY poor substitute for a relationship with God and with others, satan’s seduction techniques are predictably successful on many.

Just a tiny bit of intelligent and honest and spiritual discernment of “alcohol advertisements” on television or print ads and one can comprehend the lust and looseness and worldliness and fake relationships and replacement of Jesus that is being hawked by the liquid drug manufacturers and their manipulative marketing techniques for the gullible. We are led to believe we are “big boys and girls” to now be “old enough” to take liquid legal drugs.

And, like any vice, whether television, nicotine, movies, sleep, food, controlling others, pride, drugs, recreation, lust, career, family idolatry, focus on relationships, computer “social” or “gaming” lust, or any such thing…….. there can be only one true result of imbibing in a vice and “playing close to the line” by justifying the said vice (calling good evil and evil good). Compromise and mind-blocking justification of indulgence of flesh ALWAYS results in this: LOSS OF GOD for every INCH that flesh is catered to.

HOW could catering to the flesh for social reasons, prostituting one’s senses even 5% for entertainment rather than health, be worth losing 5% of GOD? What an insane trade, if one has ever had enough of Jesus in their lives and senses to even know what they are forfeiting. I guess therein lies the problem. Those who would sacrifice 5% of their Relationship with Jesus by giving away even ONLY 5% of their senses to liquid drugs—could not possibly be experiencing Jesus’ Life to any great extent or they would NEVER want to sell even .001% of their cogent, alert LIFE. No one who Knows would DREAM of giving away even a second or a single % of Life with Jesus—just for the dulling liquid drugs that are being hawked to this present age and its culture of “fun”.

Noah’s generation, and Lot’s generation were no doubt seduced slllllllowly, not overnight. And it COST them dearly.

THIS is not a doctrine, but a plea to an easily seduced religious world to find JESUS and REAL relationships and meaningful Life—rather than naively buy into the lust of the world and its vices, compromising the Potential of Jesus within. Satan hopes many will fall for this deception, rendering their lives far less Useful at best, or utterly destroyed and useless as is often the case with any justified vice.

“Be not inebriated and thereby partially controlled by alcohol, or anything else. Rather, BE OVERCOME BY THE SPIRIT."

It’s a choice. Fill in the blank with whatever vice or distraction that comes to mind for your situation. Can we all have the humility and honesty to assess any vice and everything that dulls us even 5% to Jesus and REAL relationships by pleasure-seeking? The future will play out for you, and for everyone, in accordance with how we answer this question with our decisions, day by day…..

Can we all go to the HIGHEST possible Ground, Holy Ground, Called-to-be-Separate Ground, with our shoes off? Who can ascend God’s Holy Hill? Let’s try HIM and see what comes of it. (Malachi 3:10)


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