Riddle Solved: REVOLUTION??!! IN-DEED!


Did you ever notice that Revolution, Jesus’ Way (and make NO mistake Jesus was viewed in real life, in His day, amongst even those who “knew their Bibles”…as a RADICAL Revolutionary, “an angry young man” as Michael Card put it in a song

“Revolution” has right at the heart of it all…

REAL shaking, rocking, life and culture-changing Revolution to be sure, but His Way…

is manifested as


Can you See it? : )

rEVOL Ution!!!

(…later that day…) For those of you (we’ll assume mostly those with English as a second or third language) who weren’t able to SEE “the heart of rEVOLution—Jesus’ Way,

it is U LOVE spelled in the middle of the word Revolution—“backwards” so only the discerning can see it. : )

rEVOL Ution!!!


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