The Copenhagen Interpretation Interpretation


The famous Nobel Prize winning Physicist, Neils Bohr, fell prey at one point in his career to a common error in the world of religion: “The Copenhagen Interpretation”—aka “complementarity.” Bohr found that there were contradictions in the theories of Quantum Physics and Particle Theory, and when he, Einstein, Heisenberg, Schrödinger, and others could not readily solve those contradictions, Bohr chose to simply accept them. It was to Bohr “almost a religious belief that the paradoxes of the quantum world must be accepted as fundamental, and not to be ‘solved.’”

The phraseology of Bohr’s form of “religion” is ironic, since it is the practice of most of modern religion to hide from their failures, contradictions, bad fruit, and unBiblical paradigm, ignore hundreds of Scriptures…and then still claim that all is well because certain things feel good, or do seem right on some levels.

Wouldn’t it be more honest to look for Solutions for the many contradictions inherent in today’s religious expressions? The Answers do actually exist in the Scriptures if we have the courage and love to pursue them—rather than cave in and “redefine” Christianity so that it represents our culture, convenience, and logic—but no longer represents the Lives and Teachings of Jesus and the Apostles?

What we can’t adequately explain because of our shallowness or inexperience, or our culture or prejudice-inflicted blindnesses or preferences doesn’t need to be brushed under the rug with the “(un)spiritual” version of the Copenhagen Interpretation: “If it is the way it is, no matter how conflicting or contradictory…then we should just accept it and create a ‘new’ all-encompassing ‘truth’ to cover up the contradictions and the things we don’t understand.”

Just as the slogan in the workplace, “Neglect on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part” is appropriate, so also a maxim to embrace for Jesus (in His day and ours) is this:

“Just because you don’t understand HOW to walk in My ways, does not mean that it is acceptable for you to dilute My Truths to accommodate the compromises and empty wisdom of mere men. FIND Me, don’t excuse Me away with gimmicks or rationalizations simply because you don’t yet understand.”

Let’s find HIM, the REAL Him, and ALL that He is.

Like the Pearl Merchant—let’s not settle for the discounted counterfeits so we can save something back for (perceived) self-preservation.

He’s both inviting us, AND providing the Way. : )
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