A Note From the Author(s)


When pressed to take responsibility for this book, we were in a bit of a dilemma. Unlike most other novels and books which are written by one person, this book really was a corporate effort. What follows below (in no particular order) is a list of the saints who, as God enabled, participated in the authoring process of this book. Beyond these, dozens of others were involved through editing, reviewing, offering suggestions and investing their hearts.

Preparing this gift from the Church here to the Body of Christ as a whole has been a privilege and a lot of fun. Proceed prayerfully with the intent to be permanently altered—not just entertained or informed. This is about the stuff for which the Universe was built and for which Jesus died. Our hope is that this book will kindle the desire among God’s people to understand, fight for, and experience the true meaning of the Body of Christ.

Mike A., Debbie W., Anthony L., Andy R., Sharon R., Sheri C., Nick B., Chris Z., Tim C., David W., David W. (this is not a typo), Laurel S., Russ J., Bryan B., Kevin M., Molly K., Mike P., David M., Kathy P.

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