The Invisible "Y's" in the Road That Mean Everything to Outcome


WHICH, in your life, my life, our life…..?

Are you…

merely Tolerant—or heart-felt submissive, “Seeing the Invisible”

Vulnerable…or judgmental

merely Sacrificial—or truly loving

Passive—or passionate

Passenger—or contributor

Honest…or secret sin

Secret fantasy life—or renouncing imaginations

Cynical—or loyal

Broken…or proud

Grateful…or self-serving-sufficient

Giving your heart away…or protecting “your” space

Loving the world’s stuff or praise—or repulsion to it, and self

“Entering the Kingdom forcefully” with daily focus…Or lazy, indifferent and distracted

If one can find himself or herself on the wrong side above, where Jesus can never be found, there is an Opportunity ahead. It might be good to resolve the “toxic assets” in heart or mind, and renounce the sin choice “y in the road” where you left integrity and humility behind. These are the types of personal choices that have led those who were once filled with freshness, honesty, and potential into a declining, dangerous state, finding comfort in the dark or questionable, excusing and justifying. With such hidden choices, the Spirit of Life will be quenched, quietly smothering love, sensitivity, and Life with Jesus and those who have Him inside.

Do you have the sensitivity still to Sense such a departure for the person and character and love of Jesus, and feel the distance? It might be good to resolve the “toxic assets” in heart or mind, or sin choice “y in the road” where you left integrity and humility behind. What decision did you make? What intentional compromise did you make to please men or avoid conflict or pain? What vice did you imbibe and justify or excuse or blame others for? In what twisted thing did you find comfort? Where did you allow your prideful “curiosity” to take you that ruined your heart and conscience? What “friendship with the world” or self-love way have you given entrance to as “not so bad” in your “enlightened world view”—that have left you in this declining dangerous state that has crept quietly up on you.

If you have the sensitivity and Light to discern any of these subtleties or others in your heart—if you can “remember” or “feel” the differences in the list above, then be Sure that Father still extends the grace (Provision) to come back and sit once again with Him and in His Plans. Have the sense and courage to make it Right before you become someone you never would have wanted to be, and get the world you actually “deserve”—rather than His offer locally or across the miles…of Together-Life born of Grace in Jesus.

Biblical History is filled with unfulfilled potential due to the above subtle toxic choices. And History has been Changed and reWritten by those who Clean up and make Right the toxic choices Satan and the Father test their honesty and loyalty with—like Job and Peter, proving and deepening, or showing instead a path not His.

“Choose you this day…. As for me….”

Yes—HE, Y’shua Can. : )
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