Cultivate the Emotions of Love


  1. Cultivate the Emotions of Love
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Okay, what’s the next one, Levi?

Love is Kind.

Is kindness an emotion?

Yes. It’s also a choice a lot of times.

I think we’re going to go down the list and find that everything is a choice and we want to develop an emotion.

I think that’s what we are going to find. Otherwise we’ll take all night to do it one by one and then recognize the pattern two hours from now. But the point is, there is a decision to be made, but if we don’t cultivate the Godlike emotion behind it, we’re not really accomplishing what we would hope to accomplish. Kindness and patience are decisions, but even more important than that, they are emotions to be cultivated. What’s the opposite of Kindness? Don’t say unkindness.

It seemed like selfish was the opposite of a lot of those too. Or rudeness.

Right, rudeness.

I can see times when I have more made the choice to be kind versus a cultivating that towards someone, though it’s not easy. Then it can be more sporadic. I have to remember, “Oh yeah, I am going to choose to be kind here.” Versus, it being the overflow of my heart and who I am all the time.

He makes a good point. If all of your kindness and patience and all of that list are all merely choices every time, they will have to continue to be choices because they don’t have any capacity to change your heart. But if you’re cultivating the feeling behind those based on the truths behind those, then actually it becomes contagious, and it becomes something that fosters a momentum and a life that changes us. So if we don’t cultivate the emotions, we’re going to have a long list of do’s and don’ts and choices and a war inside of ourselves every time. And then we’ll forget, and then we’ll blow it, and then we’ll have to try to fix it. The chaos that comes from not cultivating the truth behind it all which yields an emotion, is that it’s some legalistic decision that is subject to interpretation and is totally unsustainable in any event based on our moods or our sleep or our perception of the moment. If I am choosing to be kind only, without cultivating kindness, the kindness of God, it’s also subject to my interpretation. Because, “I think it’s kind to do this.” Well, if I don’t care what you think is kind, I’ll be wrong half the time. Right?

I have to care how you perceive it, what matters to you. If I don’t get myself out of it and cultivate the emotion of God, and the thoughts of God, the eyes and ears of God, then I’m going to do all sorts of stuff that only relates to my interpretation of things. And I’ll be wrong half the time. I won’t even be doing what I think I’m doing if I don’t cultivate the emotion and the heart and the mind of God behind these things.

It’s really easy to see when someone is living in their head and making the right choice and being legalistic versus it coming out of their heart. It is so “night and day” different. “Okay, you ‘chose’ to love me, but I don’t really feel THAT loved. But okay, great, you tried.”

“I don’t feel loved. You did a good thing. Way to go!”

It would ruin Jesus’ testimony. I was thinking of some of the ladies that will visit the older ladies. If I only made a choice to care about them instead of cultivating…. they’re going to know the difference and it’s going to ruin Jesus’ testimony. They’re not going to feel something other than the nurse or the food person that comes and makes the choice to care. They need to see something other than the hundred other people they see.

Dutiful is sometimes the word that people use. To be dutiful. You can tell the difference because the flowers and balloons that are always there have to do with holidays. But that’s just being rigid and religious or…dutiful.

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