The Nature of a Servant of God


A thought about the nature of being a SERVANT of God... The first two servants Jesus described in Matt. 25:14 were not commended and honored because they made sound investment decisions. No, they were honored by their master because they saw themselves correctly (as servants of the King) and viewed life accordingly: “Whatever I have, my Lord has given me... for me to invest unto His purposes.” They weren’t trying to find an identity by proving something to him or accomplishing some grand task. They merely saw themselves as servants and acted in their master’s best interest. In contrast, the third servant sought to preserve his own life and reputation and was unwilling to risk it all for the purposes of his liege. Let’s be servants the King can find pleasure in—not by our performance, but rather our eagerness to risk it all for His Will and Purpose! —bryan 12:53 p.m.
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