There Is No Middle Ground



“And yearn like newborn babies for pure, spiritual milk so that by it you may grow up into deliverance if you have experienced the Lord’s kindness.” 1 Peter 2:2-3

This is just a simple reminder. As Jesus said, “Be very careful how you hear.” Don’t be like the person, the fool, who looks in the mirror and then walks away and forgets what he saw. The perfect law of liberty—the Scriptures, the Word of God, the heart and mind of God—are not to be forgotten or dismissed or trivialized with, “Yeah, but…” and then we go on with our day.

These things are as real as the Milky Way Galaxy, the suns, and the stars. All the power of the universe is in the very heart and mind of the imperishable seed of the Word of God. The Word became flesh. In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. You can’t ignore this stuff and ever hope to have God! You can’t dismiss it with your excuses about anything and expect to experience God. You either embrace it with open hands and a soft heart and allow yourself to be changed from the inside, or you die in your sins. There are no other options. There is no middle ground of being a nice person and having a good life sort of thing.

You experience the power of Resurrection Life by embracing and submitting to and being swallowed up by the Word of God, in spite of your little puny fears and weaknesses and desires. You abandon yourself into God’s heart and mind. You might think you can run alongside of it, do your own thing, make your own excuses and live in unbelief and there won’t be any consequences for that. Not so. The opportunities are limitless and the power of God is indescribable if we embrace His Word. Likewise, the depths of emptiness are beyond fathoming if we don’t embrace the Word of God, the heart and mind of God. “The Word became flesh and dwelt for a while among us.” Don’t think you can have Jesus if you won’t embrace the things that He says and actually do something about them.

So, the opportunity is unbelievable for all who believe. And the depths of emptiness and nothingness are beyond comprehension for those who run their own thought-life parallel to the Word of God, thinking they can sort of draw from it, but not abandon themselves into it. Because you are each created in God’s image, you have the ability to have a soft heart. “Today if you hear His voice, harden not your heart.” Obviously, you have a choice. It’s a command: harden not your heart. And it’s a choice since each of us is created in God’s image. If you harden your heart, the consequences are worse than you can ever imagine.

If you soften your heart and empty your heart into the Word of God and embrace it by faith, then the opportunities are limitless and boundless on the other end of the spectrum. It’s just that there’s no middle ground. That’s the point.
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