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…when will we know when God has decided to wad the United States up and throw it in the trash? If God still has a purpose for the U.S. I would hate to wad it up before God Himself does. I am convinced that God is not an American, but He is also not any other nationality on earth. What do you think?

Hi… Guess there’s no way to know, is there? But THIS I know—if I had been living foolishly, and licentiously, and was in a car crash that might have killed me—I’d use it as an opportunity to reflect and change whatever I need to change. WHEN will God “wad me up”? Who knows—maybe never. BUT, 1) I deserve it, if He does, and 2) I need to be motivated to make some serious changes anyway, and He just might be being merciful to give me that chance. Did God have a purpose for James, the brother of John? By OUR logic, someone with the exact same personal training from Jesus as Peter and John SHOULD have “had a purpose” in living, as Peter and John certainly did. And yet, Father allowed him to be set aside very early on, by being murdered. And JAMES was a good man. America has about a million times more mixture than that. SO, the answer remains: “Who knows.” But, I certainly DO hope, and have prayed much…that one of the more wealthy and corrupt nations to have ever existed on this planet since its inception will be humbled and SEEK Him—rather than pull their pants up like barney fife and act big and tough, in response to this. Well, grace and love…need to run.
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