Unbelievers in the Household


I would like to know your thoughts on my situation as a wife, who has an unbelieving husband, and my place in fellowship.

:) Hi…… It is certainly more challenging as a female. I do know that the same “Principles” apply and we have heard of detailed accounts of women who spent many years with an unbelieving mate, making no progress whatsoever. Then, they began to “seek first the Kingdom” while STILL (and MORE) being the best possible wife imaginable (exceeding every expectation in housekeeping and meals and bill management and the like). They would be involved daily (mostly while the husband is gone to work) with other Godly women as God Commands (Heb.3:12-14), and probably if the Disciples are ALIVE in Jesus (rather than “attendance based” things), there will be SOME things in evenings she’ll need to do. But with discretion and wisdom, watching for the right times and wrong times for doing such. This is all in keeping with 1Cor.7:1-16, 29-31 where Paul insists that the Believer must always be who the Believer MUST be -- and, seeing our commitment of Life, “If the unbeliever wishes to stay, let him stay. Who knows, perhaps wife you will save your husband.” In the meantime, while hoping and praying for their conversion, live with the passion of someone who has no tomorrow (1Cor.7:29-31), and see what happens. WHILE being the best conceivable wife or husband. We have seen MANY TIMES as many conversions with this perspective than the more popularized perspective of “pretend you’re not a christian by never risking anything or doing much -- and calling that ‘submission’ (while, in so doing, no longer submitting to GOD).” That compromise in order to avoid conflict does not move the Spirit to be particularly involved in the Miracle that is needed!

Again, as a female, you have the added issues and limitations (and GLORIES!) of being female - but the Principle is the same. :)

Grace and Truth to you, as you continue on this challenging journey. We’ll be praying with you.

Love in Jesus,

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