Understanding Grace

God's Provision to those who TURN TO HIM IN TRUST


Just a quick thought…

If one were, perish the thought, to fail multiple times, even after seeing some success in certain areas for Him…a lover of Jesus does this:

1) They make no excuses for sinning and wounding Jesus—they take full responsibility, as a disciple will……

What IF they were to fail again, in spite of that?

A golf analogy to understand what our ATTITUDE should be if such a thing were to occur: Let’s say that a golfer has a breakthrough several weeks, where he wins several tournaments. How should he feel if he misses the cut and plays poorly the following week?

2) He should be grateful and encouraged by the successes, and know that he has “tasted” what he could be, by God’s kindness and grace. And he should be highly motivated to go forward, and energetic in his outlook—regardless of failing now where he had succeeded for several weeks prior!

If he were not seeing life properly He COULD, instead, have been…

3) frustrated that he “THOUGHT everything would be different now, but SEE, just going back to failure again. It figures.”

Can you see the difference in attitude?

Numbers 1) and 2) express forward-looking Life and Hope. And 3) is lifeless, without gratitude, and takes no pleasure in the Goodness of what has been and can be.

Think about it, okay? Scripture doesn’t say, “Any mistakes and ‘you’re outta here!’” Instead, God says, “Without FAITH it’s impossible to please God.” Believe Him and trust Him and be GRATEFUL… “working harder than all the rest” for all the good things He’s done for you! And if you fail? GO FORWARD, no matter what. NO trash-talking faithlessness tolerated in your brain!

(If you smoked cigarettes or did some other self-indulgent vice, you would discipline yourself to STOP, for Him. So…do the same. TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR MIND, by His Grace and Living Word, and only allow FAITH in His Blood and Spirit and Promises!)

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