Walls of Hindrance, Saith the Dragon


Hi, y’all : ) Additional thought from the other night? One of satan’s most powerful tactics... it happened in the Garden; it happened to Nehemiah’s family in the City of God; maybe it happened to those on the Ark, floating for all of those days; it happened to Moses’ family in the Wilderness... Here’s satan’s tactic: Imagine the dragon in the front yard, ready to destroy and devour. What does the dragon do? He taunts, “You’re trapped in that house! Isn’t it terrible in there? It’s better out here. Aren’t you sick of it in there?! Come outside...” In the Garden, he said, “God is sooo confining! You’d be so much better off being in control yourself. YOU can handle it. You’re TRAPPED! Can’t you see it?” The serpent, the dragon, makes it seem like the walls of PROTECTION are actually walls of hindrance!! The dragon no doubt whispered to those on the Ark that they were betrayed by God and they should be sick of being trapped on this stinky boat. Likewise, GOD saved the Israelites from evil and destruction, freed them from slavery, and yet they were sick of Moses and despised the way God was cheating them. The devil is constantly trying to convince God’s People that the Walls of Protection are walls of hindrance. Satan stinks, doesn’t he?

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