What do you really "know"?


Dear Bill, Dear Joe, Dear Michelle, Dear Dawn, Dear Andrew, Dear Vincent, Dear dear :)

In a world where “information is king” and “knowledge is power”…
In a world where we are provoked into thinking that our jobs and our status are dependent on “what we know”…
In a world where playing on the internet and “connecting” through a piece of glass on a computer or smart phone is another form of “reality tv”—an international unProductive pastime…

Know THIS! :)

Knowledge puffs up. “Knowing stuff” doesn’t make you a Better person, or closer to God or to others. That’s an illusion, from the “sugar high.”

“Read” to be CHANGED, not to “know”!!

You can “know more”—and be a total jerk, you know? :)

“Read” to be CHANGED—not to “know”!!

It’s a war. But, you can make it happen as you read or proceed through your day. We can CHOOSE to go Deep in all we do, rather than skim the surface to “know stuff” in a self-serving way. As we “read” we can instead be mining our own hearts—and letting Jesus do surgery. It’s a little more work, but being “conscious of God” as Peter would say, is worth it.

“Knowing” is a drug for self, and drugs only ultimately change us for the worse.

Do what you do with an internal passionate commitment to SEE JESUS, and to be CHANGED.

Any other objective is self-serving and will not advance YOU—or your true reason for being born.

Life is short. Let’s not waste a moment.



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