Worldliness: One Definition


What, then, is the world, and what is it to be, worldly or unworldly? Worldliness is a spirit, a temper. It is not so much an act as an attitude. It is a pose, a posture. It is a certain disposition towards God. It is a certain inclination, a certain aspect of the soul. Worldliness is human activity with God left out. Worldliness is life without heavenly callings, life without ideals, life without heights. Worldliness recognizes nothing of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus: Worldliness has no hill country. Worldliness is horizontal life. Worldliness has nothing of the vertical in it. It has ambition; it has not aspirations. Its motto is success, not holiness. It is always saying, “Onward,” never “Upward.” ( J. H. Jowett)
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