You Alone Are God


Oh, Mighty God, generations have come and gone. Cultures have flourished, and then withered and disappeared. Over the centuries, many “gods” have been prayed to and worshipped. But YOU Alone, Jehovah are God. Only YOU can hear the cry of our hearts and tongues; only YOU have power to answer. The forces of flood and tornado, of tide, of fire, of drought, mud slide, and earthquake...all things submit to YOU and YOU Alone. YOU Alone are God. The deepest desires of man, the thoughts that reside deep in his brain, his experiences, perceptions, priorities and every single decision are subject to your Approval. You can allow man to destroy himself, or mercifully show him his error. We beg You, our God, our Father for your great Mercy. Show yourself Loving; show yourself Mighty to deliver your people, those that wear the name of your beloved Son, Jesus. Please, dear Father, exalt yourself in our sight and the sight of the world by intervening in the plight and affairs of your chosen people. Don’t allow our weak hearts, or your accusers or ours, to slump into the regretful and pitiable state of those World-Wide that do not have a God that hears, and has both Love and Power to answer. YOU Alone are God. We beg you to walk with your Chosen People, by the Covenant you made with Abraham and his Holy Seed, and your very Son, Jesus. Please hear us, and show yourself to be infinitely above those that are called gods, but cannot answer. We beg You, our God.
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