A Dream


Last night I had a dream that seemed unusually significant, and I thought I should share it with you. I dreamed that a man came among us and told us something that we needed to hear. He was encouraged with us and commended us for our faith, and we all could see that he was a dear brother.

After he had spent some good time with us, he said that he could see an important thing that we lacked. This thing was constant and continuous communion with Father. He explained that that is where power for the miraculous lies. His message was that God wants to do much more than He has been able to do already, but it is dependent on our prayer, for that is where heaven and earth meet.

Immediately my mind went to Jacob’s ladder and the thought of the angels ascending and descending between heaven and earth, and how I thought I understood this. But as the man continued, a deeper and richer knowledge of this truth was unveiled to me. He motioned with his hands first high in the air saying, “Heaven and earth do not meet here, up high, but rather they meet down here,” and he waved his hand low, slightly above the ground. “It is not that Jesus guides us with our minds, but instead, it is that He leads our feet.”

He wanted us to understand that the way Father works is not by our asking Him about something, His revealing the answer to our minds, and then our carrying it out. Rather, it is by our asking Him that heaven comes down here with us, paves our way, steers our paths, and works in absolutely miraculous ways to change lives around us. Somehow I knew that what he was speaking about, though powerful and magnificent, was at the same time very simple and uncomplicated. It also would come through common, hard work, symbolized by our feet treading on dirt of the ground.

This was a beautiful message to me, and it filled me with hope. I turned to the person next to me and said, “Who is this man? How can he see this?”

He answered, “There are pockets of people in different parts of the world who love Jesus and know Him. In each there is an area of truth that has not strayed from God’s heart. Now it can be ours.”

Love, v

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