Abel's Pleasing Sacrifice


What of Cain and Abel? What was the big deal, that God would reject Cain’s sacrifice and accept Abel’s? Many things are happening here, but at least consider this: First, Abel’s gift of the choice of his flock involved the LOSS OF LIFE. Cain’s did not. Secondly, Abel’s sacrifice DEPENDED COMPLETELY ON THE BLOOD OF ANOTHER to bring atonement and acceptability in the eyes of the Father. And this blood of Another, offered to the Father as his atonement, was accepted by God in full. And thirdly, Abel’s sacrifice, worship, was the celebration of the union he already had. It is not the worship which establishes the union; rather the worship is the fruit of the union.... Can you make the connection? How about for you and for me? Can you look at these three points and find your way into Father’s arms, as our brother Abel did? Let’s go to that place together..... Jesus, please help us all find what our brother Abel found in You.... 11:18 p.m.

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